Lawn Luge

The Lawn Luge is a portable roller coaster that is easily built by anyone that can operate a drill press and a chop saw. It can be put into action by children safely in about 3 minutes. There are a lot of small plastic coasters that are essentially a childs slide with a

Passive Solar Works

If you are fortunate enough to have your home facing south with a fairly unobstructed view there are several things you can do. I am a huge fan of passive solar. It is much more efficient than active solar and it does not require much effort or money to see

RV Solar Power

Recreational vehicles (RV) are in high demand again, especially with Baby Boomers. Some folks are looking to down-size while others are wanting to pick-up roots and live on the road full-time. Whatever their reasons are they will be out there looking for ways to reduce the cost of lodging. One

Air Powered Rockets

One of my favorite things to do with my granddaughters is to use pneumatics to lob things around the yard. This is a great build that is very affordable and can be made by anyone. All you need is a pair of adjustable pliers, a pipe wrench, teflon tape and ideally a bench-mounted vise grip.