Portable Solar Trackers


Like many of you, with an interest in solar, I have searched for solar solutions that were affordable and portable.  I could not find a solar solution that was easily transported in an RV, it was either too small or too expensive.  Some of the portable systems (their description-not mine) cost between

Bug Out Power Packs

A good power pack can turn a crisis into a manageable situation. Power packs can be used for general lighting, to power small appliances or operate a radio. As a homeowner, I have experienced several power outages lasting days not hours.  The final straw was when we went without power for

Passive Solar Barn Design

It was always my dream to have a workshop that had a clear view of the southern sky so that I could experiment with solar. About 8 years ago my dream came true and I turned my barn into a solar-powered playground. The front of the Barn had about 6

Passive Solar Furnace

The passive solar furnace is an efficient source of renewable energy but it is rarely considered as a viable heat source. Truth is it is one of the easiest devices to create by the average handyman and rarely discussed. The heart of the passive solar furnace is the absorber. This

Passive vs. Active Solar – Why Not Both?

You will find a lot of information on the internet about active solar systems, people are fascinated with the concept of converting sunlight to useable energy. Unfortunately, active solar systems are not all that efficient, A typical solar panel is only 15-18% efficient, with some in the 24-25% range. Another

RV Solar Battery Scenario

The one thing I have learned to accept in life is that we cannot anticipate what will happen from one moment to the next. We can only plan for what we can imagine, but what about the things we can’t imagine? There are a lot of RV owners that want

Bigger, Badder, Better Solar

When considering solar for an RV it is important to remember that we are limited on space and the entire system must be deployed quickly. We also want to be able to pack it up quickly in case of high winds or heavy rain. The system described in this build

T-slot Tinker Toys

Many of you may remember Tinker Toys as a kid. I made many a gizmo and a gadget with those colorful blocks, that is all we had back then…they actually hadn’t invented toys yet. There is a new Tinker Toy in town but it isn’t for the kiddos, it’s for

Passive Solar Works

If you are fortunate enough to have your home facing south with a fairly unobstructed view there are several things you can do. I am a huge fan of passive solar. It is much more efficient than active solar and it does not require much effort or money to see